Detailed explanation of how E-Z Tire Beads® work:

After E-Z Tire Beads are installed into each tire, they begin rebalancing every time the vehicle is in motion.  This process is shown in the following illustrations:

1.  When the vehicle is at rest, the E-Z Tire Beads rest at the bottom of the tire.

2.  As the vehicle begins to move, the beads begin spreading out on the inside surface of the tire.

3.  The negative affects of an unbalanced tire (i.e. vibration) do not occur until the tire reaches a minimum critical rotational speed.  This critical speed is different for all tires and vehicles.  At this speed, the heavier weighted side of the tire, experiencing a centripetal force, overcomes the force of gravity and begins lifting the heavy side of the tire as it approaches the top of rotation, in turn causing the vibration.

4.  At this critical speed the beads take action.  When the heavy side of the tire approaches and passes through the top of rotation, the center of the mass of the tire is lifted slightly.  However, the beads, which are not attached to the tire, are not acted on by this unbalanced force.  They do not lift with the tire, but instead make their way to the lighter side of the tire, counter-acting the imbalance.

5.  Very quickly, the needed amount of beads have shifted to balance the tire and stay in place by the centripetal forces. 

Each time the vehicle stops and starts, this rebalancing occurs, ensuring that the tire remains balanced even as the characteristics of the tire change over time.


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Basic Kit

Don't use to a machine to remove your tires! Constantly balancing beads are a better method. Our basic kit includes beads, an installation applicator bottle, tube, and a valve core removal tool. Deluxe kits include all that plus a filtered valve core and chrome valve caps. The filtered valve cores ensure that balancing beads not get stuck in the valve core during inflation or deflation of tire. They are recommended for use in any tire utilizing ceramic, glass, stainless steel or other type of balancing bead. Please be sure you have stems that accept at least 1 1/2" core before any bend. Each four-bag kit for vehicles comes in the following sizes:

• 3-Ounce Bags - $29.95
• 4-Ounce Bags - $33.95
• 5-Ounce Bags - $36.95
• 6-Ounce Bags - $38.95
• 8-Ounce Bags - $47.95
• 10-Ounce Bags - $53.95
• 12-Ounce Bags - $66.95

Applicator Kit

Refill Only

If you already have an applicator or are inserting the beads during tire installation, you won't need a kit. Refill tire beads great for tire shops, motorcycle shops, or anyone taking their tires to a mechanic, along with anyone with custom wheels. Sizes include:

• 1-Ounce Bags - $7.95
• 2-Ounce Bags - $9.95
• 3-Ounce Bags - $10.95,
• 4-Ounce Bags - $12.95
• 5-Ounce Bags - $14.49
• 8-Ounce Bags - $18.49
• 10-Ounce Bags - $22.49

Applicator Kit

Install our premium internal tire ceramic balancing beads with this kit, which includes a valve core removal tool, a bead applicator bottle, and an applicator tube. The package also has easy, step-by-step installation instructions with images. It works on most types of balancing micro-spheres including ceramic, glass and stainless steel. Normally priced at $9.99, it is currently priced at $7.95.

Instructions for Applicator Use

Remove the cap from the Applicator Bottle and cut the cap tip near the middle scored line to allow easier beads flow. Pour in E-Z Tire Beads or other balancing beads (sold separately). Use the valve core removal tool to remove the core from the tire valve. Attach the Applicator Tube to the tire valve. Carefully attach the bottle to the tube. Start pour in the beads slowly, not all at once Tap the valve core occasionally to help them find their way into the stem. Once all the beads are in, make sure the valve core is not clogged and is clear of any beads. Re-install the valve core and you are all set! The beads will do the rest!

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